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Hello CDNIS and Grade 4B Students and Parents!

It is with the greatest of pleasures to be living in Hong Kong and, of course, to be joining the CDNIS community.  Thanks to an open-mind, an adventurous spirit, and a lot of planning, I am beyond excited to meet you and start the 2018-2019 school year.

It is my belief that children are successful when the environment has elements of predictability and trust.  I will take the initial lead to establish the procedures that are necessary for the class to function with the whole school as a system; however, other aspects will be decided together as a class…or better yet, as a family.  We’ll work together to design how the classroom will be organised; and when that needs to changed or adjusted, we’ll do it together.

As for learning, we’ll inquire into various topics in science, social studies, mathematics, reading and writing, and the other disciplines.  There will be many opportunities to make connections to self, to others and to the world via processes that allow for manipulation, construction and deconstruction.  With that, prepare yourselves for a fantastic journey of learning that has the potential to make the world a better place for today, tomorrow and the future.

Make it a happy day!

William Ramirez

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