Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 11 is the Grade 2 Market. As we are buddies with 2B we will be attending tomorrow after recess. Students who wish to shop can bring money to spend at the market. The money raised will go to helping refugees in Hong Kong.

Language Arts/Unit of Inquiry Students are working on writing an effective persuasive essay and planning an activist talk related to the central idea of our Sharing the planet unit: Involvement ion community action can make a difference. They will present to their peers next Tuesday. The students are fine-tuning their persuasive skills and learning about how to write an effective thesis statement, determine three clear reasons to support a claim and provided details and evidence to convince an audience of their point of view. The students are working on the essay in class and spending their home learning time working on their activist talks. The Grade 6 teachers have each designed a workshop to address different aspects of the art of persuasion and presentation. The students are rotating through all of the workshops to learn important skills that they can incorporate into their presentations.

Math: We have wrapped up operations with whole numbers and are exploring decimals with the four operations. As we look at the part-whole relationship, we are reviewing decimal place value and how to apply problem-solving strategies to numbers less than 1 whole. We will extend this idea to fractions and percents in the new year.

We will celebrate the holiday with a winter party on Wednesday, December 18. The students decided they wanted to do a Secret Santa exchange and agreed on a maximum amount of 100 HKD. We have created a shared document where students can add gift suggestions to help their Secret Santas with their shopping. 

CISPA is sponsoring the Home of Love food drive. If you would like to contribute to the cause. These are some items that they need.