Dear Parents.

I hope that you all had a safe and restful week. On Wednesday of this short week, the students will have their Language MAP Test. In an effort to ensure that students are relaxed and rested for MAP we reduce home learning during the weeks MAP is given. I have pasted the Home Learning for the week below. As always, it is also posted in Google Classroom. I have reposted the MAP schedule below.



Students cannot prepare or study for these tests. The best thing is a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast. Our focus when looking at the results of these assessments is on growth over time rather than raw scores. 

Gr.6 MAP Tests

-Wed Oct 16 P3-4: Gr 6 Language

-Tues Oct 22 P5-6: Gr 6 Reading

-Wed Oct 23 P3-4: Gr 6 Math

Home Learning for the Week of October 15

Math Project – Powers of 10 
In class, you designed your Powers of 10 page. You should have taken it home to work on your project. Please bring your completed project to school by Friday.
This is an example to help you come up with your own ideas.
Finishing: HTTW Explanation Writing & Reflection- last chance for editing and revising if you still have work to do. All work is due Friday.

Home Learning Reading Log

Record your reading here Monday- Thursday 

(include Friday- Sunday here if you choose to) 

Insert new rows as needed.

Date Title Time Spent # of Pages