3-Way Learning Conversations

I look forward to the upcoming 3-Way Learning Conversations on Thursday, October 3 and Friday, October 4. The 3-Way Learning Conversation is an opportunity to discuss settling in, progress in learning and social development.  Teachers and students will follow up after the 3-Way Learning Conversation and collaborate to set goals that will be shared with parents on student blogs.


The schedule for MAP tests is listed below. Students cannot prepare or study for these tests. The best thing is a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast. Our focus when looking at the results of these assessments is on growth over time rather than raw scores. No Home Learning will be given during the testing week. Students are still expected to read each night for at least 20 minutes.

Gr.6 MAP Tests

-Wed Oct 16 P3-4: Gr 6 Language

-Tues Oct 22 P5-6: Gr 6 Reading

-Wed Oct 23 P3-4: Gr 6 Math

How The World Works: This week, students will be conducting their own scientific inquiries. Students will plan, conduct, analyse and draw conclusions about the properties of matter based on the scientific method. The students are using a planning document and checklist to guide their inquiry. These can be found in their Google Classroom. Your child can share this with you to give you a better idea of their learning.

Students will:

  • Illustrate the properties of matter and how they can change from one state to another
  • Compare physical and/or chemical changes through investigation and experimentation
  • Demonstrate how matter has different uses based on its characteristics 

Language Goals: Students have been learning how to write explanatory texts. They will apply this knowledge this week when writing up their experimental analyses and conclusions.

Home Learning: Our grid for this week is a little different as we wrap up our unit and move into a short instructional week next week. I have posted it here:

6B Home Learning Grid Week of Sept. 23-October 2


We are wrapping up HtWW. We need to complete the following by October 2. This will be your home learning “Grid” from now until October Break.  


Record your reading in the chart below. You should read for at least 20 minutes each night. You should be choosing a just-right book (not too hard, not too easy, but appropriate for your level). If you need guidance on your level you can refer to your MAP Lexile Level as reported on your last MAP report. You can also seek help from me or Ms. Williams

Inquiry into “How understanding the characteristics of matter determines its use”

What’s In Your Food?

Use the link to this activity in Google Classroom


Inspiring change/action

Do you know someone who has acted on their passions to make a change in the world or within themselves? Interview them and write up your interview. See Google classroom for this assignment.

Get inspired by kids who have made a difference in the world.
Make a difference

10 kids that change the world

8 Amazing Kids Who Make a Difference

See Google classroom for this assignment.

Gather materials you will need for your experiment.

Complete The 3 Way Learning Conversation worksheet. 
Be sure to get this form from me.
Finishing: Only after you have completed your experiment. Use form in GC
Your Explanatory Text for your experiment needs to be completed in GC and turned in by October 2. You will have time to work on it in class, but if you need to work on it at home to submit it on time, then use this time to do that.
HtWW Reflection BLOG POST in GC Only after you have completed your experiment.

During our How the World Works unit we learned about matter and how scientists conduct experiments. We also learned about explanatory writing and how to write a good informational text to explain a scientific inquiry. After you have completed your experiment you will write a blog post explaining how you grew as a learner during this unit. 


Home Learning Reading Log

Record your reading here Monday- Thursday for the Week of September 23-27 and for at least 2 nights during the Week of October 

(include Friday- Sunday here if you choose to) 

Insert new rows as needed.

Date Title Time Spent # of Pages