Three-Way Learning Conferences

I look forward to seeing you and your child at the Three-Way Learning Conferences in early October. October 3 & 4 are not regular school days but it is our expectation that students will attend the conferences with their parents.

How the World Works

The students have been hard at work learning about How the World Works with a focus on matter and its transformations. We have also looked closely at the scientific method and the students are designing their own experiments. They will write up their results incorporating what they have learned about writing procedural and explanatory texts. Your child has been asked to think about an experiment that he or she would like to perform and if necessary gather the materials needed for the experiment. In some cases, students may choose to perform the experiment at home and videotape it. This is definitely an option.

Patterns and Algebra

We have wrapped up our unit on Patterns and Algebra and will be moving into our next unit on Whole Numbers. This does not mean that we are “done” looking for patterns in mathematics and or thinking algebraically. We will, of course, continue to do both throughout the year. Below is the parent letter for the next unit.

Dear Grade 6  Parents,

We are beginning a mathematics unit on whole numbers. The students will explore very large numbers, and develop and refine strategies for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing multi-digit numbers. They will learn which method of computation (estimation, mental math, paper and pencil, or technology) is appropriate in a given situation. They will explore strategies, such as using the inverse operation, to check answers to computational questions. 

In this unit, your child will:

  • Read and write whole numbers in standard, expanded, and written forms.
  • Use place value to represent and read whole numbers.
  • Compare and order whole numbers.
  • Identify and describe multiples and factors to 100.
  • Identify and describe composite and prime numbers to 100.
  • Use the order of operations.
  • Estimate sums, differences, products, and quotients.
  • Use mental math to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.
  • Add four 3-digit numbers and subtract from a 5-digit number.
  • Multiply and divide by a 2-digit number.
  • Pose and solve multistep problems.

Here are some activities you can do to enhance your child’s learning:

  • Together, plan the cost of a family outing or trip.
  • Help your child to find and read large numbers in newspapers and magazines.
  • Encourage your child to estimate the total cost of several items as you shop.

Field Trip Annual Fee Collection

We are collecting money for field trips for the year. I have reposted the letter that was sent to parents below for your reference.

September 19, 2019

Dear Grade 6 Parents,

At CDNIS, we believe that extending student learning beyond our classroom walls via purposefully constructed field trips adds value to our programme.

Experiential learning and field trips provide tremendous opportunities to enhance the learning journey of every young person. Most notably, well-planned field trips allow students to have real-world experiences that clearly illustrate or connect information and knowledge taught through the classroom curriculum. Secondly, field trips allow for learning in new and focused environments, allowing the students to experience and learn nuances that surround the targeted learning goals. And finally, many field trips have built-in opportunities for team building activities among students and classes.    

We are excited to announce the following Grade 6 trips/activity for this school year:


  • Visit to Oxfam
  • Visits to T-Park (Tuen Mun)
  • Hong Kong Heritage Museum
  • Faust Theatrical Workshops
  • Young Americans (please click here for important additional information)


To continue the practice of providing learning opportunities outside the classroom and to streamline the collection of transportation and entrance fees across the Lower School for the year, we are collecting a one-time fee at this time. 

This year we have a two-tiered fee system, depending on whether or not your child is new to the school. Students who were in Grade 5 last year will benefit from a student subsidy carried over from unused funds in 2018-19. Students who are new this year will pay the full amount. 



  • The total fee for returning students is $910
  • The total fee for new students is $1120



Please note that the school is supporting these events through a significant subsidy. Please send a cheque to your child’s homeroom teacher with your child’s name, homeroom and the words, “Field Trip,” clearly marked on the back of the cheque by Friday, October 4. Sometimes additional learning opportunities may present themselves throughout the year, so we will inform you should there be any changes or additions to these trips, but as of now this is our “best guess” planning. Please note that teachers will still send home field trip permission forms ahead of each excursion.


Please contact Mr MacPherson if you have any questions or need for clarification.


Best Regards,


The Grade 6 Team