Dear 6B Parents,

It was lovely to see you last night. Here is a PDF version of the slides from my presentation 6B Curriculum Night 2019 (1) . I am working on getting the slide show for the Exhibition presentation as well.

I look forward to seeing all of you during the Three-Way Learning Conversations which will be held on October 3 & 4. I am reposting the message from the FLASH regarding the learning conversations here:

Monday 16 September 201

Dear Prep to Grade 6 Parents,

A 3-Way Learning Conversation includes students, parents and teachers. It is an important reflective discussion that actively involves children and allows them to take ownership and responsibility in their own learning. 

The 3-Way Learning Conversation is an opportunity to discuss settling in, progress in learning and social development. Following the 3-Way Learning Conversation, teachers and students will collaborate within the classroom programme to set goals that will be shared with parents in the portfolio. These goals are determined and prioritised, as are strategies and actions that support and guide students to move from where they are to where they want to be. Striking a balance between goals that are too simplistic or complex can be a challenge; ideally, we should aim to set goals that challenge students whilst maintaining their confidence. 

Prep to Grade 6 3-Way Learning Conversations will be held on Thursday October 3 and Friday October 4 from 7:50am to 4pm. Each Learning Conversation will take no longer than 15 minutes. 

All students are strongly encouraged to have a 3-Way Learning Conversation with a parent present and to wear normal school uniform on the day. 

To accommodate the Learning Conversations we will not follow our normal school schedule for these dates. Instead, students will only come to school with their parents during their scheduled time. 

Students in the EYE (Pre Reception and Reception) will attend school as normal during the Prep to Grade 6 Learning Conversations.

Details about scheduling your child/children’s 3-Way Learning Conversations can be accessed by clicking here.

Due to the logistics involved in a 3-Way Learning Conversation, respectfully we request that parents do not approach teachers to reschedule outside of October 3 and 4.

Single Subject Specialists and 3-Way Learning Conversations

Please note that due to the limitations of our sign-up system, 3-Way Learning Conversations with your child’s Chinese, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and PE Teachers will be different. 


  • Learning Conversations will last 10 minutes
  • System will be open for ALL parents to sign up after September 19 at 12 noon. 
  • Parents who are invited can make an advance booking with the Chinese teacher between September 17, 8am – Sep 19 12 noon.

Physical Education/Visual Arts/Performing Arts/Dance

  • If you wish to meet your child’s teacher, please email them directly to set up an appointment. All contact details can be found here

Should you have any issues signing up, please contact OneDoor at


Dr Helen Kelly (Lower School Principal)

Ms Zoe Heggie (Lower School Vice Principal, Pre Rec – G2)

Mr DJ MacPherson (Lower School Vice Principal, Grades 3-6)


Please feel free to contact me at f you have any questions.

Have a lovely Moon Festival!