Dear Parents,

We have had another successful week here in 6B. This week the students participated in Matter Rotations. Each student was able to choose from a menu of engagements relating to matter and complete three different sessions. We explored not only the properties of matter but how it can change and be manipulated. We also investigated the difference between chemical and physical changes and worked on our explanation skills in our inquiry notebooks.

In math, we continued to explore patterns and how to derive algebraic formulas to determine specific outcomes. We focused not only on getting answers but also on how we use tools, models and language to justify our mathematical thinking in our math journals. We are also completing an additional beginning-of-the year pre-assessment to help guide math instruction for each student.

We have begun literacy rotations involving reading and writing non-fiction texts with an emphasis on analysing effective explanations.  Ms. Costa is also assessing students’ word knowledge to help each student set goals for word inquiry which will be part of these rotations.

I am hoping to see all of you at Curriculum night – Thursday, September 12th @ 6:30 pm LLAC Theatre

This year will be slightly different as we will be sharing an overview of PYP exhibition in the theatre. Please try to attend as we will be addressing some key aspects of this learning journey.


Immediately following the address in the theater, I will hold a session in the classroom to cover all things related to your child’s Grade 6 year. I look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday.


Have a lovely weekend!

Pam Reverman