Highlights of the Week

In Sharing the Planet this week students have been delving deeper into the Sustainable Development Goals. We had several engaging discussions centred around activism and what it is. We explored what activists are and what they say, do and think. This led to debating and discussing similarities and differences between activists and global citizens. Finally, students began connecting all of this by choosing a topic for their activist speech and beginning to outline and research about it.



Almost everyone has put forward lines of inquiry and guiding questions for their Exhibition and are awaiting approval. Some students have even been researching!


In math, we have begun exploring the place value of decimals, fractions and percents by looking at similarities and differences as well as different ways to represent them. We are also starting to apply this to problem-solving. a


Another major highlight was getting to watch the secondary Peter Pan performance!


Secret Santa – The students have written wishlists and chosen a Secret Santa to buy a 100hkd gift for. Students are asked to take time to get to know their Secret Santa and find a thoughtful gift. Gifts should come to school between Monday, Dec 15 and Wednesday, Dec 17, labelled with only the name of the person the gift is for. They will be swapped and opened on Wednesday, Dec 17th during our class party. 


Kindness Challenge: As a part of the festive season the students are being asked to be more mindful of being kind to each other. Each day we are trying to do one kind thing for ourselves or someone else.  We hope you will join our challenge! Below are some ideas to get you started.

Important Dates:

Mon – Fri Dec 9-13: Home of Love Food Drive

Mon – Wed Dec 15-17: Bring in Secret Santa gifts

Thurs Dec 19: Free DDD & Early Dismissal

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