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We’ve had a really great week starting our Sharing the Planet unit and wrapping up our PYP X Proposals. At this point most our of class has presented their proposals and those who haven’t are almost ready to. Brainstorming their topic and finding ways to narrow their focus has been challenging for some. However, through this process, they were able to develop a deeper understanding of what they really want to investigate and how they might go about doing this.


We also did a simulation in which the pitch space students had on Tuesday lunch recess was limited. Students were initially upset that their voices weren’t heard and their needs weren’t being met. This led to a valuable discussion of how when taking action it is important to know the needs of the group you are trying to help and how action needs to be sustainable. Some students were even able to reflect on the positives of the experience such as getting to spend time with friends from the class they don’t normally play with. Through this process we were able to develop guiding questions and lines of inquiry for our Sharing the Planet unit.


Here are a few reminders:

Sports Day: Please be reminded that Sports Day is November 14. More information for Sports Day can be found here.


Important Dates:

Thurs Nov 14: Grade 6 Sports Day

Mon-Thurs Nov 18-21: Grade 6 Camp

Fri Nov 29: DDD


A few photos from our Halloween Party last week.

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