Week of Sept 16th


Dear Parents,

Lit Blitz has been a fun filled week with lots of fun events and reading. We were very excited to travel around the world during International Library Day and to wear our pajamas and eat pancakes on Friday!


We continued our inquiry into states of matter by looking at independent and dependent variables in experiments. We also conducted an experiment to get a better understanding of how temperature affects how molecules move. Our next step is to develop a scientific question for which we can conduct an experiment. The experiment should be one we create or adapt from previous experience. We started preparing for these today. 

Next week students will be asked to conduct an experiment to:

  • Illustrate the properties of matter and how they can change from one state to another
  • Compare physical and chemical changes through investigation and experimentation
  • Demonstrate how matter has different uses based on its characteristics 

In math, we began wrapping up our unit on Patterning and Algebra. To do this we finished exploring divisibility rules, graphing ordered pairs on coordinate grids and using algebraic expressions. We also looked at strategies to help us summarise in our reading and practiced writing an explanatory text.

3-Way Learning Conversations

We have almost everyone signed up for the 3-Way Learning Conversations next week.To learn more about 3-Way Learning Conversations, please click here. Details about scheduling your child/children’s 3-Way Learning Conversations can be accessed by clicking here.


Class Parents

In Grade 6 there is not a great need for class parents as all official communication will be coming via email or blog. Any communication on social media is personal and not official school communication. Also, at this age, students take on the role of organizing class parties themselves. Therefore, we might not have a need. However, if you would like to be a class parent, please let me know. 

Important Dates:

Fri Sept 27: Lower School House Day

Tues Oct 1: No School

Thurs/Fri Oct 3-4: 3-Way Learning Conversations

Mon-Mon Oct 7-14: October Break


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