Week of Aug 26

Dear Parents

Another fantastic week settling into our learning routines. One of the major highlights of the week was preparing and sharing our Passion Products. We had a variety of products and really enjoyed sharing our passions with our classmates.

We kicked off our How the World Works unit by tuning in

to what we already knew about the states of matter and asking some questions. We also did some fun hands-on investigations to begin exploring these states of matter. The parent overview for the unit is linked below. In math, we continued establishing our math mindsets. We also began exploring some patterning and algebra activities. One such pattern we investigated into was a Hailstone pattern. Ask your child about this to find out more. In literacy, we began exploring explanatory and procedural texts, developing an understanding of the structures that make them unique. We also continued building our reading routines. Lastly, we were also very excited to meet our new buddies in 2A.

Revised parent overview

Math note to Parents/Adults at Home…

6A is starting a mathematics unit on number patterns. Understanding and producing patterns are important skills that help develop your child’s number sense and algebraic reasoning skills.

Patterns occur in nature, art, and many everyday activities. Patterns can be described using numbers, words, models, and formulas.

In this unit, your child will:

  • Write a pattern rule for a number pattern.
  • Identify, extend, and create patterns.
  • Use patterns to pose and solve problems.
  • Use patterns to explore divisibility rules.
  • Find the value of a missing term or factor.
  • Use patterns to explore integers.

Patterns occur in many forms. Help your child see the patterns that occur in his or her everyday life — in pictures, numbers, or sequences of performing steps.

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