Week of August 19 – Welcome to the 6A Avengers!


Dear Parents,


We have had a fantastic first week back! 


Some highlights from the week include our ‘Get to Know Ya’ activities such as This or That, Lines and Blobs, morning meeting shares and a student survey. We began math this year by looking at math in our everyday world and using our reasoning skills to analyse a ticket deal offered by the MTR. We began discussing math mindsets and will continue this discussion into next week and the rest of the year. My hope this year is to make math engaging to help create a love for math in all students and open their minds to understand that math is so much more than just calculating numbers. We began literacy by discussing the habits of strong readers, sharing who we are as readers and writers and working on building listening skills. Finally, we kicked off the Exhibition this week (yes we’re getting started already) by investigating into the meaning of interests, passions and issues and beginning to look at interests, issues and passions that we would like to explore further. We also began looking within to get to know ourselves better through character and Learner Profile surveys. It has been a busy week, to say the least!


Next week students will be creating a product to share an interest/passion with the class. Talk to your child this weekend about what passion/interest they’re thinking of sharing and how.


Important Dates:

Friday, Aug 30: DDD + FFF

Thursday, Sept 12: Curriculum Night

Mon-Fri, Sept 16-20: Lit Blitz


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