Friday September 14, 2018

This week in 4D…

  • we continued to explore, extend, and create patterns
  • students completed math centres all related to reinforcing patterning concepts
  • we worked on the cover pages for our Where We Are in Place and Time process journals
  • we generated a list of reasons people move (push and pull factors)
  • students have been working on 6 key comprehension strategies that will help to ensure understanding when reading
  • on Wednesday we saw the Stanley Cup and listened to Phil Pritchard and Alex Tanguay share their experiences
  • students continued working on their iTime proposals
  • we worked on a summative task/test for our patterning unit to check our understanding thus far
  • we began inquiring into recounts as this will be the form of writing we focus on for our WWAIPT unit

Thank you to everyone for taking time out of your busy schedules to attend curriculum night on Thursday! If any questions come up at anytime in the year about curriculum or expectations etc. email or drop by anytime!

Next week…

  • we will begin a new unit in math related to Number Sense, and will start by focusing on Place Value
  • students will be introduced to Xtra Math as a way to work on/practice basic operations
  • we will do a shared writing activity to model how to write a recount detailing someone’s experience with moving
  • we will continue our literacy centres with a focus on reading comprehension strategies
  • students will begin to inquire into migration throughout history
  • we will begin a series of mini writing lessons which focus on different aspects of writing a recount

Important Dates

September 21 : Dress Down Day $20 (wear white – for Peace Day)

September 25 : Day after Mid-Autumn Festival – No School

September 27-28 : 3-Way Learning Conversations

Oct. 1 : National Day – No School


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