Friday September 7, 2018

This week in 4D…

  • we continued exploring patterns by completing activities with hundreds charts
  • students completed a pre-assessment for patterning and algebra
  • we finished our value writing and thumbprint art and began a Seesaw post to explain the process
  • we have read several books related to our new unit and explored perspective, feelings, and empathy of individuals who have migrated
  • we began generating a list of reasons why people move
  • Ms. Williams joined us for a review of jot-note taking and a lesson on interview skills
  • we completed a writing/art project about our beliefs
  • students logged onto their Mathletics accounts to work on patterning tasks
  • in math students used a repeated equation to create numbers which they then had to identify patterns for
  • we ended the week with our home learning share and students worked on their iTime proposals

Next week…

  • we will continue working on interview skills and students will prepare to interview someone at home about their experience related to moving
  • looking through a range of picture books we will continue to explore reasons for moving, feelings associated with moving and attempt to take on different perspectives
  • we will focus on patterning in math for the entire week
  • we will begin to explore writing recounts as a way to retell experiences with moving
  • our reading focus for the week will be comprehension skills and making inferences while reading

Important Dates

September 13 : Grades 4-6 Curriculum Night

September 21 : Dress Down Day

September 25 : Day after Mid-Autumn Festival – No school

September 27-28 : 3-Way Learning Conversations

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