Friday August 31, 2018

This week in 4D…

  • we started the week by looking at the different strands in math and identified which areas we are most confident in
  • students learned about number visuals and looked for patterns in the way numbers are displayed
  • we explored the hundreds chart, adding consecutive numbers to find patterns as well as adding diagonals in a box
  • students worked towards explaining their findings using Seesaw
  • Ms. Lee joined us for a lesson about empathy and respect
  • we worked together to determine a definition for beliefs and values and sorted examples using a Venn diagram
  • students identified the top 6 things they value and began to write a paragraph for each explaining why this is something they value
  • we took everyone’s thumbprints to create a very unique writing/art project based on their values
  • we spent a little time practicing typing skills using Typing Club
  • students created the cover page for the Who We Are unit which is our yearlong unit about beliefs and values
  • we ended the week with an introduction to iTime and the expectations for Grade 4

Next week…

  • we will finish with our paragraph writing and work on the good copy/art project
  • our Where We Are in Place and Time unit which explores migration will begin
  • Ms. Williams will be joining us for lessons on interview skills
  • we will continue exploring patterns in math and also begin to focus on number sense
  • students will work in groups to identify strategies that effective readers use
  • with writing we will be looking at the editing and revising process
  • students will again practice typing skills with an emphasis on correct finger places
  • we will complete a ‘compass points’ activity while reading about personal stories of people moving and explore feelings and perspectives involved

Important Dates

September 7 : Dress Down Day (House Colours)

September 13 : Grades 4-6 Curriculum Night

September 21 : Dress Down Day

September 25 : Day after Mid-Autumn Festival – No school

September 27-28 : 3-Way Learning Conversations

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