Friday August 24, 2018

This week in 4D…

  • we started the week with our first Morning Meeting to welcome everyone
  • we began our first read aloud of the year ‘Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing’
  • all Grade 4 students and teachers got together in the library for an introduction and overview of rules
  • students wrote a letter about themselves as learners from the perspective of their Grade 3 teachers
  • we identified the qualities we value most in a team member and completed several team activities
  • everyone contributed to the creation of our Computer Essential Agreement and our Classroom Essential Agreement
  • students planned and created a ‘Figure Me Out’ poster using math equations as clues
  • Ms. Fung joined us to help set up Gmail accounts and Seesaw accounts for the year
  • we learned about Mathematical Mindsets and worked on a math challenge called Four 4’s
  • We completed 5 rotations of literacy centres focusing on reading with fluency, visual writing prompts, a reading inventory, adjective lists, and a read aloud
  • students completed their first Seesaw post which you can now see if you’ve signed up to their account
  • we ended the week with a fun G3/4 assembly in the Forum

Next week…

  • we will be inquiring into the difference between beliefs and values
  • we will review writing in paragraphs and begin a writing piece about values
  • students will finalize and sign our essential agreements
  • we will begin a series of 12 lessons with Ms. Lora Lee about empathy, respect, active listening, being assertive, and managing feelings
  • students will complete another Seesaw post and learn what makes an effective comment
  • using the adjectives we came up with this week, students will be creating ‘word art’ to represent themselves
  • students will be completing several activities to identify their beliefs and feelings towards math and we will continue with our math team challenges

Important Dates

August 31 : Dress Down Day

September 13 : Grades 4-6 Curriculum Night

September 21 : Dress Down Day

September 25 : Day after Mid-Autumn Festival – No school

September 27-28 : 3-Way Learning Conversations

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