Student Health and Dental Forms

This year’s Student Health Service (SHS)/School Dental Care Service (SDCS) forms and brochures were sent home today.
Student should have received the following:
1. Health Programmes At SHS Centre Chart
2. SDCS brochure
3. SHS brochure
4. Application & Consent form for SHS/SDCS (beige form)
5. Invitation to sign up for SDCS online services
Some tips:
– return the “APPLICATION & CONSENT FORM” section only, NOT the entire 3-pg document.
– parents must either AGREE (check the box) or DISAGREE (leave the box blank) in the bottom section of the form “Consent and Declaration”.
– if the second box (SDCS) is checked off, submit $30 fee in cash
– please do not staple money to the form.
– if the Chinese side of the form is filled out, ensure that the student’s English name is also given.
Thanks for your help with these!

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