Purpose: Teacher Blogging at CDNIS

How: Please use the following links to learn how to make a Teacher Website for the first time

  1. Set Website Title and Tagline
  2. Write Posts
  3. Add Timetable
  4. Add Essential Agreements
  5. Add Programme Overview
  6. Upload Unit of Inquiry
  7. Add Links
  8. Setup Email Notification
  9. Recommended WordPress themes (e.g. Twenty Ten to Fifteen) for better performance

Click here to see a PDF version of the skills.

Click on the links below to learn more about other skills in Word Press:

  1. Website Title and Tagline
  2. Add new pages
  3. Sidebars and Links
  4. Add new posts and categories
  5. Make Your Home Page a Static Page
  6. Add a PDF or an Image (using Word Press)
  7. Allow Comments
  8. Add Youtube video
  9. Add a Keynote (Using Word Press)
  10. Embed a Video (Using Dropbox.com)
  11. Add a Keynote (Using Slideshare.net)
  12. Add a Keynote (Using Dropbox.com)
  13. Delete and Disable Posts and Media
  14. Create Links
  15. Add PDF Files and Media
  16. Embed a Video (Using Vimeo.com)
  17. Email Notification (Parents)
  18. How to Add a Twitter Feed to Your Website Sidebar
  19. Add a Feedburner Email Notification Box for Multiple Classes
  20. Parents unsubscribe to Teachers Blogs
  21. Change Class Name on Feedburner
  22. Embed a PDF as a visual item