Who Are We…

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Office – 2240 6399

Email – ltt@cdnis.edu.hk

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What We Do…

The Learning and Teaching Technologies Department is tasked with leading the visioning and implementation of new information and communication educational technologies at CDNIS.  The LTT Department works with all stake holders to help them manage the complexities of navigating through the technology initiatives at CDNIS.

Core to the work of the LTT Department is helping teachers and students meet the goals of both our CDNIS and IB mission statements. In an era of globalization and internationalism, in a time of rapid change and innovation brought on by new technologies, it is the responsibility of the LTT Department to support teachers and students as they meet the challenges of 21st century, technology-enriched teaching and learning environments.

The LTT Department works directly with teachers and students to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to integrate and then infuse  technologies into both curriculum and instruction. The LTT Dept provides teachers with multiple strategies and opportunities for professional development throughout the year. The LTT team also supports teachers and students in classrooms as teachers work towards infusing technology into their lessons.

  • One-to-One Computing Initiative: iPad 1:1 (Grades 1-3) and MacBook 1:1 (Grades 4 to 12)
  • Classroom Shared iPads (Early Years and Upper School projects)
  • ePortfolio: Seesaw/WordPress (Lower School) and WordPress (Upper School)
  • A broad range of productivity and web-based collaborative tools: Google Tools, Adobe Suite, Mathletics

The LTT Department is guided by the following working guidelines:

  • Develop knowledgeable technology leaders who collaboratively participate in the use, production, and integration of digital learning and teaching resources
  • Celebrate that individuals are at different places on the technology continuum
  • Ensure training and information sessions must be timely and have relevance for the individuals involved
  • Provide effective professional development for teachers so that they will have a positive long term impact on students’ learning
  • Lead by example – model constructive attitudes and behaviour
  • Protect teachers from unnecessary ‘noise’ – digital or otherwise
  • Communicate often and follow up

LTT Department Web Site

The LTT website (http://digitallearning.cdnis.edu.hk) consists of information about the one to one MacBook program, MacBook order forms, all the policies that guide the technology initiative, information about parent and teacher trainings, video tutorials on software, and showcase photos and videos on teachers and students’ experiences using technology.