Makky Fung

I’m an educator.  Being an educator, I have an opportunity to do things that changes the lives of learners.  I help them see their strengths and potentials, build their self esteem, cultivate their creativity and develop skills to solve real life problems.

I’m a mentor.  I continue to find new ways to use technology creatively and help teachers to infuse these tools seamlessly into their curriculum. Teaching with a new technology can be frightening for many teachers, they have a busy timetable with many goals to fulfill in their curriculum.  They need guidance to model the integration process for them.  They need someone to work collaboratively with them and give them feedback on ways to make their lessons better.

I’m a storyteller.  I like to go into classrooms and capture learning moments on videos.  I ask teachers and students to identify the purpose of learning and describe how these digital tools have impact on their lives as learners. The process of making these videos helps me to grow as a technology facilitator and it is also a great way to celebrate the learners’ success stories.

Makky Fung

LTT Learning Leader (Lower School)

Office: room 701

Office Phone Number: 2525-7088

LTT Website: