The LS LTT team has designed a digital citizenship lesson based on the Responsible Use Agreement of the 1:1 laptop program.  This is a good lesson to prepare the Gr.4 students before they bring their laptops home for the first time in the holiday.  It is also timely to review some latest issues with Gr.5-6.
The objectives of the lesson are: 
The 5 “B’s”
  1. Be respectful to personal property (principled)
    1. Stop hacking other computers
  2. Be careful with your passwords (principled)
  3. Balanced screen time (balanced)
    1. Phones – not at school
  4. Beware of your MacBook (principled)
    1. Keep it closed while walking
    2. Keep liquid and food away 
  5. Be a positive influence (caring)
    1. Build a helpful and supportive culture

We used some scenarios and a slide show to guide the discussion: