Seesaw – Student Portfolio in Early Years

Introduction of Seesaw in Early Years


In Early Years, we are always focusing on improving communication with parents about student learning. We would like to find effective ways to communicate consistently with parents about what is happening in our classrooms. To provide parents with more regular feedback about their child’s learning, we have decided to introduce Seesaw, an online student digital portfolio tool.


For an introduction, parents can view this YouTube video:

What is Seesaw?


Seesaw is a simple way for teachers and students to record and share what’s happening in the classroom. Each student gets their own online journal and will add things to it, including photos, videos, drawings, or notes. Their individual online portfolio is shared with parents and teachers only.  Our young children will initially need help from teachers to record and share their learning on a class iPad. After a few months, these independent thinkers will soon become able to make and design pieces of work to showcase their learning.

How can parents access to Seesaw?


Seesaw is a free application where parents can download onto their own devices (computer, tablet, or phone) and interactively participate in their child’s learning journey on a daily basis.

The purpose of Seesaw is to share authentic pieces of learning with parents. It is important to note that parents will only have access to work samples provided and created by their child. In the instance where group learning has occurred, a child’s work could be shared into other children’s journal as well.

How can teachers and parents give feedback on Seesaw?

We want to share the children’s learning with parents, based on their ability to publish pieces of work to the best of their ability. Sometimes the work pieces included will/will not be edited and not all errors will be amended by the classroom teacher. Teachers and parents will be able to annotate pieces of work with suggestions, feedback and comments.  It is critical that parents remember to check Seesaw regularly and give constructive feedback.

Here are some tips for parents when using Seesaw:


  1. Check Seesaw regularly. You’ll get notifications about new entries in your child’s journal and can respond to their work. Customize your notification preferences in Account Settings.
  2. Celebrate your child’s classroom success. Help to encourage the skills your child is working on in class outside of school.
  3. Specific comments are best. Asking questions, or complementing specific details can add to the learning conversation.
  4. In a group or ‘everyone’ post your comment is visible to everyone tagged – the students and their families. This is a great opportunity to lift up the whole class!


As you can see, Seesaw is a powerful tool for positive reinforcement of your child’s individual progress and effective communication between the home and the school. We hope parents will enjoy using Seesaw to get updates about their children’s learning as much as our teachers in Early Years.