I attended 21CLHK9 last Friday and Saturday and met some amazing educators from around the region.  I was helping to organise the Chinese Theme this year so I was excited to welcome a group of energetic, passionate Chinese teachers in our sessions.  Viola Li, Joanna Huang and I presented a 3 hour Extended Workshop.  We shared how technology can be used effectively to support Chinese teaching and learning.  Our focus is to find best practise and practical examples about how digital learning can support:

Student Agency, Personalised Learning, Global Learning, Creative Learning, and Formative Assessment.

Besides the Chinese teacher workshops, I also attended a keynote given by Dr. Marie Alcock about “A Contemporary Teacher’s Job Description.”  It was interesting to learn how Dr. Alcock unpacked the concepts that a contemporary teacher has to have these qualities:


  1. Self Navigating Professional Learner
    1. be able to publish your learning process and share it. Model the learning process by saying I don’t know, go find out, ‘fail’, and correct.
  2. Social Contractor
    1. Make a contract and commit to help others like an engineer.
    2. Connect and ask experts for students to find answers safely, ethically, and efficiently
    3. Let the parents know that you are confident to use social media and be a good model for the children since it is a tool that is used by all students
  3. Media Critic, Media Maker and Publisher
    1. Be a good model on how to use media
    2. Join global filming projects (e.g. Film board of Canada)
    3. Teach students to find screenplay
    4. Teach students to use specific rubric for evaluating film design
  4. Innovative Designer
    1. Design creative learning spaces for your students
    2. Design a sophisticated virtual space for learning
  5. Global Connected Citizen
    1. Use global tools for news (e.g. newspapermap.com)
    2. Teach students how to communicate globally
    3. Use translating tools to help students to publish their English writing in other languages
  6. Advocate for Learners and Learning
    1. Twitter (#loyaltolearning)
    2. Vimeopro.com
    3. Student Ted Talks

My biggest takeaways from the conference this year is to be able to meet some great  Chinese teachers from local and Mainland international schools, share experiences with some ICT coaches in the region, and learn from some vendors like Brainpop and ETC about their new products and services.