Looking for new ways to upgrade your website and make it more effective? Look at these tips and strategies shared by our blogging star teachers. http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/homewebmix1436

The orange links demonstrate the following strategies that further engage students into learning and help parents to find information about the class programme:

  1. Do a blog hunt (guide parents/students to look at different parts of your site)
  2. Ask students/parents to answer some inquiry questions using the comment box
  3. Bling your blog (add beautiful header images and colours)
  4. Assign students to be blog writer for the week
  5. Embed student videos and student work (parents love seeing their own kids!)
  6. Add a sound file or a Podcast voice file (created by student or teacher)
  7. Add a Keynote or Power Point slide show (audience can flip the slides online)
  8. Embed tweet feed (e.g. #cdnishk, #pyp, and your own tweets)
  9. Add a voki talking avatar for some important messages
  10. Embed photo slide show page (link to Picasa slide show)
  11. Collect responses by adding a daily poll on the sidebar
  12. Embed videos for learning (link to Youtube or Vimeo)
  13. Add a Home learning tab (with a different writing prompt every week)
  14. Add a Problem of the Week tab (with new math problems every week and students will fill in a Google form to show how they solve the problem and which strategy they have used to solve the problem)
  15. Add a PDF file (audience can flip the pages online)

The white links showed the tools that are used on the sites.