Gr.4 teachers are trailing digital portfolio with students using Google Sites.  Students used Google Sites to reflect on their learning and upload exemplar work that they have done in the units of inquiry.

Teachers are reviewing the use of Google Sites:

Use this document to guide our thinking as we plan for gr.4 student digital portfolio.

Use this sample site to set up the look of a sample portfolio for students to follow.

  1. What was the purpose of setting up digital portfolio in Grade 4?  Learning? Showcase? Assessment?
  2. Have Google Sites helped students to achieve the goals?
  3. What have students learned so far?
    • sign up for a Google account
    • set up a Google site
    • create a web page
    • insert a table
    • insert text
    • insert images
    • embed Youtube video
    • insert links to websites
    • change template of site
  4. What could be added to the site?
    1. See these key components
    2. Keep a Learning Journal
      1. The Announcements page type can be used as a form of “blog” or learning journal, since it allows individual posts, and it is organized in reverse chronological order.
        • Create a New Page with Announcements page type.
        • Create a New Post for each entry, to reflect on learning that takes place over time.
    3. Upload My Artifacts
      1. Create a New Page with File Cabinet page type.
      2. Add new files and links to store any artifacts
    4. Use GoogleDocs to create artifacts for portfolio, including word processing documents, presentations, spreadsheets, or PDFs. Existing Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents can be uploaded into GoogleDocs.
    5. Use GoogleForms to create surveys for group projects