All good movie production rely on good planning!  Follow Presentation Checklist to guide your students to make good movies!

Then follow these steps to make an Green Screen production using iMovie:


  1. Use iMovie_Storyboard/Word/Pages to write a short script for your story
  2. Use to look for image backgrounds and save the images on your computer
  3. Use to look for background music
  4. Open iMovie
  5. Set up a green cloth and use iMovie to record your movie. Make sure the light source is in front of the subjects and the audio input level is high enough when filming.
  6. In iMovie, go to iMovie and choose Preferences, choose Show Advanced Tools
  7. Drag the background pictures to your project space FIRST
  8. By default, the pictures will play 4 seconds long.  You need to change the duration of the background pictures to fit the movie clips.  Choose the GEAR button on the background picture, then choose Clip Adjustment.  Change the duration.
  9. Drag the movie clip to the background picture (until you see a + sign). A list of tools will show up.  Choose Green Screen.
  10. Add a Title page, Transitions and Sound to your movie
  11. Then export your movie by choosing Share > Export Movie
  12. Choose Large size and then Export
  13. Follow these steps if you want to upload the movie clip to Picasa