Students in the lower school are using technology to express themselves while they are learning with different units of inquiry.

Gr.1 students have been using VoiceThread to record their comments about how their lifestyle will be different if they live in a different places in the world. In the Where We Are in Place and Time unit, they made a comment on a picture posted by their teacher and recorded their voice to tell everyone in class where they think the places are and how they will adjust themselves to live in these places.

Gr.2 students also started to use VoiceThread to record their voices about the different nutrient groups in the Who We Are unit.  They were excited to share with their classmates which food groups do they like and why.

With the use of technology and tools like Voicethread, students become active communicators and contributors when they share their opinions and also listen to others.  They can also learn to make constructive comments and help their peers to improve learning.