CDNIS PYP Exhibition 2011 is on June 7-10, 2011.  This year’s transdisciplinary theme for the Exhibition is Sharing the Planet.  The Central Idea is “Actions and decisions have consequences that affect society and the environment.”

Over one hundred thirty Gr.6 students have chosen 33 issues and started their massive independent investigation in May.  Students applied the inquiry cycle from forming big inquiry questions, conducting interviews to organizing their own field trips.  They used Google Doc and Noodlebib to help them sort, collate and analyse the data.  Then they present their findings and take actions of the issues.  The whole process has helped the students to further develop their communication, social, thinking, research and self-management skills.

The “behind the scene” video will showcase the process of the investigation with students explaining how they form questions, conduct interviews, find resources, and determine actions.


A live stream organized, hosted, and filmed by Gr.7 students have given visitors a chance to see the exhibition without being there. Live stream is online June 7 and 9 from 1:15-2:15pm.  Come and join the exhibition and leave us a comment!