Class blogs have been widely used for a variety of purpose by students, teachers and parents throughout the school.  Teachers are using their blogs to post learning materials, daily news, assignments, photo galleries, podcasts, video and sound tracks.  Parents are finding the class blogs a one-stop location for all the information they need to support their children’s learning at home. Students are using their blogs to showcase their work and improve their writing skills through having access to an authentic audience.

Not only are students learning to write effectively and responsibly, they also got connected from people all over the world.  For instance, a class has post their presentation online and received some constructive feedback from a gr.4 class from another country.  This has immediately created effect on the students to improve their writing and their work because they know that it can be read by people all over the world.

In another instance, a teacher was sharing with her students the poetry of a well known author to encourage her students to write poetry.  They were surprised to receive a response from the author himself.  The students immediately took this opportunity to ask the author some deeper questions about poetry and learned a lot from the expert.

Overall, the class blogs have been a great tool for communication and to help students to focus on an academic theme that let them improve on writing and presenting their knowledge.