When doing your summative task, you may choose to use Keynote, Garageband or iMovie to record your presentation to show a variety of communication forms.  The following information will guide you to make a powerful presentation using these digital tools.

Lesson 1:
How to make a powerful presentation?

1. Watch the following four videos about presentation. What are the TOP 3 tips that you have learned about making a good oral presentation from each video?  How can you use these ideas to make a presentation that will engage your audience? Record your learning on the Presentation Reflection sheet.

Video #1: Communication Skills in an Oral Presentation – Verbal and non-verbal skills

Video #2: How to Use Body Language to Improve Your Presentation

Video #3: Present Like Steve Jobs

Video #4: Death by Power Point

2. Presentation Checklist

Download the following files and use as guideline when creating your presentation in Keynote, Garageband and iMovie.

Presentation Checklist

Presentation Reflection

Storyboard_shot list

Storyboard Template