How to make a Powerful Presentation?

“Death by Power Point” and “Steal this Presentation” at

See Sample Keynote: From Telescope to Lander

1. Download copyright free images:

(make sure you use Advanced Image Search and choose Usage Rights > Return any image that are labeled for reuse)

2. Manage your images with iPhoto

Use Safari to download images to iPhoto Library

Basic concept of iPhoto event and album/keyword
Export photos to medium size (no more than 100K each)

3. Download Royalty Free music :

4. Keynote Intro
– Templates: Themes and Masters
– Views (changing views-zoom)
– Media Browser to find pictures
– Text boxes
– Font Style, Size, Color

5.  Meet the “Inspector”

  1. Document Inspector: Slide show setting/Audio soundtrack
  2. Graphic Inspector: Reflection/Opacity
  3. Metric Inspector: Rotate/Flip
  4. Text inspector: Alignment/Column/Bullet
  5. Link Inspector: Link to other slides to make a quiz
  6. Slide Inspector: Transition and Appearance
  7. Build Inspector: Build in/Build out/Action
  8. Chart: Charts can be animated
  9. Table: Rows and Columns
  10. Quicktime Inspector: adjusting playtime etc.

6. Keynote Advanced

-Arranging – Group/Lock/Front and Back

-Format – Mask, Mask with Shape, and Instant Alpha

-Smart Build

7. Movie and Music importing
– to rip a video from youtube so you play it without going to Youtube or embed it in your own website (the shorter the video the better)

8. Presentation techniques
– Mirror Display turned On (System Preferences > Display) if you want your screen the same as the projector screen
– Keynote with notes (View > Show Presenter’s notes)
– Remote control (Pairing)

If you want to see the Presenter’s notes on your own screen when presenting, do the following steps when you are connected to a projector:
1. Keynote > Preferences > Presenter Display (Select what you want to see as a presenter e.g. Notes) > Select “Use Alternative Display to View Presenter information”
2. Keynote > Preferences > Slide Show > Present on Secondary Display
3. Click on Open Display Preference > Arrangement > Turn Mirror Display OFF
Your keynote will be on the Projector’s screen so click on the Play Button to test out.

9. Sharing your slides

  1. upload to (join the contest at
  2. export as PDF
  3. export as Quick Time movie
  4. print your keynote (Slides with or without Notes, Handout, Individual slides, Layout-Pages per sheet)

10. Assessing student slide shows
CDNIS Lower School Information Literacy Scope and Sequence
Create presentations exhibiting synthesis of information which:

  1. Customize the elements (background, transitions, sound effects, text and graphics, etc.) of the presentation to enhance communication
  2. Practice presentation skills for audience (e.g. use of microphone, posture, delivery skills, projection device, etc.)
  3. Demonstrate empathy and an understanding of your audience’s emotions about your presentation and make necessary changes in style/content to communication more effectively

Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Rubric for digital publishing

11. Keynote Tutorial

Select and watch
a – “Getting Started with Keynote ’09”
b – “Organizing Your Slides”
c – “Adding Audio and Video To Your Presentation”