Prep Sing Virtual School

Below are your optional learning engagements for Performing Arts this week. We’ll continue posting material on this page with the most recent material on top. Please remember that if you have any questions it is best to contact Ms. Saunders via email at and not via the See Saw app. If you post your work on your See Saw please make sure that you label it “Performing Arts” so we can keep track of it!

Week 3 –  February 17-21 Optional Performing Arts

Review the song We All Go Traveling By – what do you see with your little eye? Can you make up your own version of the song?

Check out this book, “Giraffes Can’t Dance” watch the video and learn the song




    • Exposure to verse/chorus
    • Unison Singing


Week 1 & 2 – February 10-14 & 17-21 Optional Performing Arts

Today Is Monday: Hi Prep Friends! In our community singing lessons you learned a song story called Today is Monday by Eric Carle. You can watch and sing along with the story here:

Check out this version of the book written by Johnette Downing and Illustrated by Deborah Ousley Kadair all about the foods they eat in a place called Louisiana, which is located in the United States:

What are the foods you and your family like to eat?  With your family’s help, rewrite the song to be all about the foods you and your family love to eat, and sing it together. 

For an extension – create your own pictures to go with your version of the song!

Soap and Water Song – Right now we’re all working on staying healthy and a big part of that is washing our hands. Check out this song “Soap and Water”.




    • Participate in unison singing
    • Exposure to call and response; echo singing, verse/chorus