Grade 4 Virtual School

Below are optional learning engagements for Performing Arts this week. I’ll continue posting material on this page with the most recent material on top. Please remember that if you have any questions it is best to contact me via email at and not via the See Saw app. If you post your work on your See Saw please make sure that you label it “Performing Arts” so I can keep track of it!

Week 3 – February 17-21 Optional PA Activities


This week, you are going to use a music composition program to create a piece of music using pre-set loops. You’ll learn about loops in the slideshow you can find here.

This activity uses Garageband on either an iPad or iPhone (not your laptop). You do not need to install GarageBand. If you can’t find it on your device, do a search. The icon looks like this:

Everything you need to do is included in the slideshow presentation linked up above.

*If you don’t have access to an iPad or iPhone, email me at for access to my Soundtrap classroom. This platform has limited space, so if you have an iPad or iPhone, please complete your work on Garageband. 

LEARNING OBJECTIVE: Create musical compositions for specific audience and purposes


Week 1 & 2 – February 4 – 7 and 10-14  Optional  PA Activities


Step 1: take a listen to the song Never Gonna Let You Down by Colbie Caillat. This is going to be our new grade 4 community song. Use the song pack here which includes the lyric video, karaoke track and guitar/uke chords – if you have access to an instrument at home, try learning the music!

Step 2: Complete this listening response Worksheet and upload it to your See Saw when you are finished responding. Remember to put your work in the PA folder so I can find it easily!

MUSIC – Song Writing

Step 1: Choose one, or all, of the sites below to create your own digital music!

Chrome MusicLab Song Maker – click in the boxes to add colour on the grid and create your own tune.

Isle of Tune – create your own village and your own music at the same time. It’s simple!  Make your own village, complete with roadways, houses and cars to create your tune. Experiment with the loops and instruments available by clicking on the different icons. You’ll need to allow Adobe Flash to run on your computer. Or, with parent permission, download it as an app on a device.

JamStudio – follow the tutorial to add chords, instruments and loops to create your own music. You’ll have to enable Adobe Flash to run this content.


  • Create musical compositions for specific audience and purposes
  • Can sing unison, partner, canon – alone and with others
  • Using both head and chest singing voice

If you already did last week’s engagements, email your PA teacher for what else you can do!