Creative Ways to Spend Your Days with Performing Arts

PREP – We’ve been singing so much in Prep Music and Movement. While you’re home, teach some of the adults your favourite songs! If you have time, take a sneak peek at our Winter Sing-Along song!

GRADE 1 – We’ve been changing the lyrics to our community song “Aiken Drum” in performing arts class the last couple of weeks. Take a look at this video and see if you’re up for the “Aiken Drum Kitchen Challenge.”

G1 Aiken Drum Kitchen Challenge

GRADE 2 We’ve been thinking a lot about how to use expression with our body and gesture, now its time to work on using our voice! Make a newspaper puppet and use them to explore vocal expression. Create a story or read a poem using your figurines! See the video for ideas of what to do!

GRADES 3 and 4 – We’ve been working on strategies that help us read and write notes on the treble clef. Check out these sites that help you practice putting these strategies to work!

Note Names Game

Match The Rhythm Game

Whack-A-Note Game

GRADE 5 – We’ve been working on the dance style “the Lindy Hop” in preparation for our G5 Fashion Show. Check out this youtube playlist of inspiring Lindy Hop moves. Can you teach an adult at home “truckin’” “messing around” “running” or the “basic”? Can you create your own variations at home?

GRADE 6 – We’ve been working on reading and writing our blues lyrics using classroom instruments over the last couple of weeks. Check out these amazing blues performances, or play around to create your own desktop blues with this fun website!


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