Home Learning


Reading: Raz-Kids reading

All students have Raz-Kids logins (at the beginning of their communication book or will be sent home tonight via email.) Please spend some time on Raz-Kids (10-15 minutes a day). Otherwise, please read any books available at home. Make sure to read daily.

Writing: Recount Writing

Grade 1 students have been learning about recounts. Writing to recount is a personal retelling of events that have already occurred. The children understand that a recount consists of an introduction (orientation), body and conclusion (feeling/opinion). Please use this recount plan to help support your writing. Here is an example of a recount.

Math: Math Games

Grade 1 teachers recommend the website www.mathgames.com  to practice all strands of math. The children can choose both grade 1 and grade 2 games. Children can also explore Greg Tang Math games.

Unit of Inquiry

The current Unit of Inquiry focuses on exploration. The students have learned that explorers explore for many reasons and explorers need to be prepared. With those two understandings, here are two different learning engagements.

Where in the World
You have an extra week of holiday at Chinese New Year. Use Google Earth to choose a place that you would like to explore anywhere in the world. Look carefully at the place and locate landmarks. Complete the following planning for an exploration recording sheet.

Explore your Neighborhood

You are home and have some time to explore your neighborhood. Use Google Earth to look at your home and the area around your home. Complete this recording sheet to prepare yourself for your exploration. Once you’ve completed this, please go on your exploration. While exploring, please sketch some different things that you see or find (plants, animals, landmarks, buildings, etc.) After exploring, write a recount of your exploration and your findings.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the home learning.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Kind Regards,

The Grade 1 Team