Kindness: The Outbreak

This week starts a new initiative at CDNIS – Kindness: The Outbreak. Catch other’s being kind. Celebrate it! [...]

Flaticon is a great place for graphics

Icons made by Smashicons from [...]

Decking the Halls for Back to School Night

I revamped the unit poster and I’m pleased with it. The Virtual You unit challenges students to create a logo for their own design com [...]

Awww, Shucks

The final Grade 7 Design project is designing a clock face that will be cut out on the laser engraver. Before we embark on that design, we [...]

Lunar Lanterns

Lunar Lanterns, our most recent Grade 8 Design project, gave students opportunities to glue, paint, solder, create digital images, laser-cut [...]

Adobe Illustrator for Laser Printing

The Grade Five team is all in for the Wearable Art unit of inquiry. My contribution is coaching students to incorporate 3D printed and lase [...]

Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

We’re sad to see you leave the Lower School, but here’s to the fun we’ll have in the Upper School. [...]

Getting to Know Grade 6 (And Getting to Know Spreadsheets)

If we’re going to use spreadsheets to organize, optimize, and visualize information, then we need some data. Tell me about yourself. L [...]
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