6D Teacher Profiles

Hi everyone! My name is Chris Brodie and I’m from the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I have studied education in BC, Canada and Vermont, USA. I am in my eighth year of teaching at international schools and have taught PYP and MYP in Grades 2, 5 and 6 through 9 in South Korea, Angola, and now Hong Kong. I’m an outdoor enthusiast and love to share my passion for the outdoors and the environment with the students. Due to this I have spent time exploring sustainability education, being involved in outdoor education programmes, and bringing experiential education into the classroom. I am also passionate about the social and emotional development of my students, building strong classroom and grade level communities and incorporating practices which allow for student agency. As a former competitive swimmer, I spent my university summers as a swim coach and love swimming myself. My love for the water has resulted in my passion for surfing. My other interests include cooking, rock climbing, hiking, most outdoor activities, and enjoying a good book.


Hello! My name is Monica Costa. I have been teaching for ten years. My career began as a teacher in New Jersey, USA where I worked for 6 years. In 2014, my husband and I had the opportunity to begin working as international teachers in Rome, Italy. It was a wonderful experience! Then, we moved to Portugal and worked at an international school in Lisbon. We were both born in Portugal, so it was nice to return to our roots.

I have a daughter, who I try spending as much time with because she is so much fun! I love being a new mom and treasure every moment with my family! One of the things I have always enjoyed doing is traveling because I appreciate the diversity encountered with new cultures in new places. 

I am looking forward to another new school year in Hong Kong!