Home Learning

Dear 6D Students and Parents,

I hope that you are well at home. The teachers met at school today to put our heads together about a few things including the best way to proceed with home learning. For today, we think that you can continue to work on the assignments you have been given. We realize that you have work from specialists as well and we want you to have time to get caught up on everything. If you find yourself with extra time you can always do more research related to your Exhibition topic, give yourself some more practice on Mathletics, or for Sharing the Planet, do some research into an issue you care about. Of course, curling up with a good book is always a great idea or writing in a journal that you might not always have time for. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. Continue to check the CDNIS app for school updates, and the blog and google classroom for any home learning announcements.

I miss all of your smiling faces!

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