PYPx and more!

It has been a busy few weeks since we came back from break. Students have been doing their PYPX proposals developing their ATL skills, and learning to develop and sort conceptual questions, and developing their understanding to order of operations.

PYPx Proposals

Reflecting on the PYPx process so far using colour-symbol-image.

Proposing ideas for exhibition to various teachers in the CDNIS community.

Hearing from Mr. Schulte about his passions and how that led him to take action and get involved in service.

Getting ideas approved, then developing and sorting questions.


Our buddies wrote and performed puppet shows. We were a great audience and asked them more about their scripts and characters.

Student Agency

Given learning goals and the week’s schedule, students worked to plan their own learning and apply organization and time management ATL skills.

Math Challenges

When given challenges, students have been demonstrating a growth mindset and great enthusiasm to solve problems!

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