What’s the matter with matter?

What an exciting week it has been! Matter rotations, assembly prep, writing like scientists, and conjectures about number sequences.

How the World Works

Students explored changes of state, chemical changes, and physical changes in matter. They were able to be agents of their learning by choosing from exploring the science of:

  • Design
  • Experiments in the Upper School lab
  • ‘Cooking’ – making ice cream
  • Art – papier-mache
  • Art – clay & ceramics
  • Baking – cookies & variables
  • Cyanotype printing – using the sun

Overall, they had a blast and developed some deeper inquiries and curiosities. Hopefully they have been experimenting at home and asking good questions!

Math – Patterns

Have you ever heard of a hailstone sequence. We looked at the Collatz problem and looked for patterns, made observations, and created our own conjectures (mathematical hypothesis). 6D showed some great growth mathematical mindsets here!


Preparing for assembly took up some of our class time this week as we thought deeply about it, committed ourselves, took risks, and persevered through challenges. If you were able to make it, we hope you enjoyed!

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