And we’re off…

Wow, another week has gone by; I have a feeling this year is going to fly.

Who We Are: Strengths, Interests and Passions

Students developed a product to show their strengths, interests, and passions in order to tune into the central idea that will drive their exhibition journey.

How the World Works

HTWW parent overview 19:20

We started thinking like scientists this week as we explored some materials and asked questions related to the states of matter. Do you have any expertise? We’d love to hear from you.

Grade 2 Buddies 

We met our Grade 2 buddies and found out a little about them.

We met our Grade 2 buddies and found out a little about them.


Students explore math in the world through photos and continued to work to justify and critique as they tried to solve and problem related to the MTR.

Next week, 6D will continue looking at number patterns. Understanding and producing patterns are important skills that help develop number sense and algebraic reasoning skills.

Patterns occur in nature, art, and many everyday activities. Patterns can be described using numbers, words, models, and formulas.

In this unit, students will:

  • Write a pattern rule for a number pattern.
  • Identify, extend, and create patterns.
  • Use patterns to pose and solve problems.
  • Use patterns to explore divisibility rules.
  • Find the value of a missing term or factor.
  • Use patterns to explore integers.

Patterns occur in many forms. Help your child see the patterns that occur in his or her everyday life — in pictures, numbers, or sequences of performing steps.

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