A Great Start!

Building Community –

It has been a great start to the year in 6D. This week we worked hard to build community, come to common understandings about expectations in Grade 6, and develop our essential agreements, which you can see below.









The class also formed committees to work on making the class their own. The different committees worked on class design, setting up morning meetings, displaying our essential agreements, planning logistics and organization (such as how to fairly distribute bean bags and library passes), and determine our class name.


Through exploring Fixed and Growth Mindsets, 6D students identified how they can have a big impact on their learning just in the things they say and the ways they think.


After reflecting on mindsets, students considered their own mindset and approaches to Math. We read a story about Albert Einstein and identified what Mathematicians do. Through this, 6D started laying the foundations for a successful year as Mathematicians.

Who We Are

The Grade 6 exhibition is under the theme Who We Are, with the central idea – Exploring issues, interests and passions inspires change. 6D students started exploring their own strengths, interests, and passions through a learner profile self assessment, a character strengths survey, and a thinking routine. Now they’re ready to start developing a product.

Message from Performing Arts: 

Opportunities to Perform! 

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