Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Welcome back to a new school year!

Lots of events have been planned for this year:

  1. The musical is ON this year. Auditions and rehearsal times will be announced soon! Open to students from G3-6.
  2. Dance ASA for the LS and US continues this year – watch the flash for signups.
  3. The Gift of Performing Arts will be a highlight. Stay tuned for more information later!
  4. TWO exhibitions – grade five and grade six – occur this year, as the new middle school takes shape and these grades move on to middle school in the 20-21 school year.
  5. The normal craziness of FFF on DDD, Halloween, Remembrance Day, House Day, Winter Singalong, Assemblies, Chinese New Year, Make Create Collaborate and Student Showcases continues as usual.

I look forward to seeing many of you at Open House and over the first few days of school.

Here’s to a great year!


“And now/The end is near….

“And now/The end is near….

“… and so I face/the final curtain…..”

(Thanks to Paul Anka et al for the lyrics to My Way, sung by Sinatra).

The final curtain is here, ready to rise up on the summer holidays. Yay!!!! May your vacation or staycation be full of laughter and joy!

I hope everyone has an amazing summer and is looking forward to the coming year. Enjoy, everyone!



Save the dates!

Save the dates!

Next year, the Lower School Performing Arts Department is excited to offer many after school experiences for the 2019-2020 school year. As you organise your child’s schedule for next year, keep the following opportunities in mind:

Treble Timbertones, led by Ashley Benusa will meet Tuesdays from 2:45-3:55. It is open to any student who loves to sing in Grade 3 to Grade 6. This group will meet in the first semester only.

LS Intermediate Band led by Kimberly Butler will meet Wednesdays from 2:45-3:55. Students who are already studying a wind instrument or percussion in Grade 3-6 are welcome to audition to be a part of this group. This group will meet in the first semester, and again from April to June.

LS Strings Ensemble led by Ashley Benusa will meet Wednesdays from 2:45-3:55. Students who are already studying violin, viola, or cello outside of school in Grade 3-6 are welcome to audition to be a part of this group. This group will meet in the first semester and again from April to June.

LS Beginning Band led by Kimberly Butler will meet on Thursdays from 2:45-3:55. This ensemble is for students with no prior experience on a wind, brass or percussion instrument and is open to students in grades 3-6. This group will meet in the first semester only.

LS Dance Troupe, led by Carole Saunders will meet on Thursdays after school for Grade 3-6. This group will meet in the first semester only.

LS MUSICAL –  we are pleased to announce our Lower School musical for 2019-2020 will be The WIZARD OF OZ, Young Performer’s Edition. Auditions will take place the week of November 25-29, with rehearsals from January to March on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Performances are on March 26 and 27, 2020. To prepare for auditions, special WOZ Workshops will be offered on select Fridays from September to November. For more information, please check out the LS Musical Blog here.

More information about joining each of these ensembles will be available in August.

Dance Notes 6th June 2019

Dance Notes 6th June 2019

Make Create Collaborate!!! Student Showcases! End of Year Ceremonies!

Despite there only being four days this week, PA managed to pull off yet another huge event – the Make Create Collaborate (in conjunction with Visual Arts) days, the Student Showcases AND the closing ceremony for the three days. Students all across the lower school had the opportunity to sing, dance, or play an instrument in the Showcases, and the final piece on Thursday afternoon was the collaborative number with band, both orchestras, the Dance Troupe, and the choir.

The US ASA Dance Squad has one final performance…on the last day of school.

The end is in sight! (Image below from Century 21 teaching)



Dance Notes 25 May 2019

Dance Notes 25 May 2019

As we race to the finish line for the end of the year, here is what has happened in the last two weeks:

Grade four and grade five students continued towards their spotlights, with the students performing Thursday and today.

Grade 6 students worked on their celebration performance and started working with theatre sports.

Prep students continued with song, dance and instrument while taking a further look at how stories are told without words.

ASA Dance Troupe performed their Geronimo piece at FFF. What fun! They have their Armin Van Buren piece to perform on June 6 and have a guest spot in a combined piece with other ASAs happening in PA.

ASA Dance Squad are preparing for their end of year piece. They were visited by a guest teacher from another school this week; he was looking at different ways in which PA is taught for middle and upper school students. Mr Scheer commented on their willingness to do their best and was impressed with their ideas and dedication.

Show after show after show after show – and still more to go before the end of the year. See you next week!


Dance Notes 10 May 2019

Dance Notes 10 May 2019

This week, in brief:

  1. Prep was introduced to some different ways of using their voice through viewing some key short film clips and discussing what they heard and saw.
  2. Grades 4 and 5 started recording parts for their Spotlights and pulling together the different parts of their items.
  3. Grade 6 started rehearsing for their end of year celebration
  4. LS ASA students practiced one piece, continued preparing another and started learning a third.
  5. US ASA put together the first minute of choreography for their final piece.
  6. Students started auditioning for Student Showcases

Enjoy the (long) weekend!

Dance Notes 3 May 2019

Dance Notes 3 May 2019

Another short week! But again – what has been packed into it?

1. Grade 6 spent the first part of the week rehearsing their opening ceremony for Exhibition and Thursday night was all go, go, go!

2. Grade 5 and 4 continued to work on their spotlight parts

3. Prep started to establish routines again after their spotlight and the students were introduced to the first of a series of short clips that showed communication without words (using non-word sounds). This will lead into an exploration of what their own voices can do.

4. LS Dance Troupe is practicing hard for both the DDD (which has been pushed back to the end of May) and the Student Showcase in June.

5. US Dance Squad had no school on Wednesday, so I will be seeing them next week. They have been creating ideas to pool together at their next class.

6. The SLLRs were a chance for students to share their learning in dance with their families. Thank you to the families who came to LLAC 815 to find out what has been happening. It was lovely to see you and really interesting to see our bright sparks negotiate the newness of teachers AND parents in the same room with them!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!



Dance Notes 26th April

Dance Notes 26th April

A short week but what did we pack into it?

1. Grade 6 exhibition opening ceremony was a LOT of work for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Students have moved onto the stage and it has been challenging for them to understand how all the pieces fit together. At present, grade 6 is dominating the time, so grades 5 and 4 have been focusing on their non-dance related spotlight parts.

2. ASA US Dance Squad has started rehearsing for their final piece – music was chosen and agreements about style and ideas were made.

3. ASA LS Dance Troupe has leaped back into rehearsing for their final two shows – work this week focused on a run through of their Student Showcase routine and their upcoming DDD routine. The latter happens in around three weeks (May 10) and the former in early June.

4. Prep was the only grade with a somewhat normal schedule. They have returned to some gentle song and dance moves and some revision with instrument use.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Dance Notes 12th of April

Dance Notes 12th of April

Well, that week is over.

Prep completed their spotlights. The show is available on livestream – please check your child’s See Saw account for the link information.

Grade 6 Exhibition Opening Ceremony is beginning to take shape, with the different parts being put together.

LS Dance ASA took a break this week because of Evening of the Arts, where US Dance ASA performed.

It’s been a looong week. Roll on the holidays!!!!

Dance Notes 4th April 2019

Dance Notes 4th April 2019

Prep students are starting to put together all the parts of their spotlight and it has been fun to watch. We moved to the theatre this week to help our little ones with getting used to the different (much bigger and quite overwhelming) space. Language has been a big part of this engagement, and to support them, I have recorded several parts. This takes a lot of pressure off the little ones, and keeps things fun and emotionally safe for them, in line with long established research.

Grade 6 students have learned most of the parts of their Exhibition Opening Ceremony and, like jigsaw puzzle pieces, we have started putting the parts together.

US Dance Squad has completed their dance for the upcoming performance April 11. The students are very excited, and are already planning for the performance in June.

LS Dance Troupe completed their choreography for their June performance. There has been some talk about adding in an extra performance somewhere. Stay tuned!

And what else? Grade 5 and 4 have been starting to voice their choices and put together the parts for their spotlights which are slated for May.

And that is the last fortnight in a nutshell. Enjoy the long weekend! My plans are to get some sorely needed sleep.