Teacher Profiles

Braedon Sharp

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Braedon Sharp received his BA and B.Ed. from the University of New Brunswick. Mr. Sharp has taught in Taipei, Toronto, Hsinchu, Bangalore, and Singapore. This will be his first year teaching Pre Reception in Hong Kong. He has been teaching in the early years for over 10 years and believes that this is where he belongs. He feels that he is always learning when he is in the classroom and tries to play as much as his students. Outside of the classroom, Mr. Sharp is an avid triathlete and in Canada, he swam nationally and internationally. He hopes to be involved with the T-Wolves swim team at CDNIS.

Pavitra Thapa

Melissa Lau was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada, but spent most of her early childhood in Hong Kong. She graduated with an IB diploma from Richmond Secondary School before enrolling at the University of Toronto where she graduated with a double major in neuroscience and physiology and a minor in biology. Melissa loves working with kids and believes kids learn best through discovery and play under an enriched, dynamic and inquiry-based learning environment, especially during critical periods where there is a dramatic increase in synaptogenesis and plasticity is maximal in their brains. Her goal of being an educator is to inspire more young women to get into sciences and math and to make a positive contribution to the community. She enjoys hiking, cooking and baking in her spare time and invites friends over for dinner. Her favourite desserts are banana mascarpone cheesecake, tiramisu, and of course “double-double” chocolate mousse cake.

Safene Khan

Safene Khan has 12 years of teaching experiences in early childhood settings. She is motivated, caring and enthusiastic about learning various teaching methods. She is a strong believer in the importance of developing a love for lifelong learning and learning through hands-on activities. Safene Khan is a registered kindergarten teacher, and a holder of Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Studies as well as a diploma in Early Childhood Education.