Grade 6 Celebration Photos

Dear Grade 6 Parents,
Thank you for being a part of our wonderful Grade 6 Celebration on Wednesday. The students had a fantastic day!
Below you will find a link to the photographs from the day. The password is CDNIS2019.
I’ve been advised by the photographer that all photos may not be uploaded until this evening.
Enjoy your summer!
DJ MacPherson

Lower School Vice Principal, Grades 3-6

Canadian International School of Hong Kong


Thank you

Dear Mums & Dads,

How are you all? Tomorrow promises to be a very special and exciting day…perhaps a bit emotional too. This is a huge milestone for the children …as well as for you. There is much to celebrate…there has been a great deal of growth in 6A since the beginning of the year and it was reflected in the PYP exhibition, which the class led with enthusiasm and commitment.
Your children are wonderful…creative, full of life, open minded to the world and committed to their learning and they have continuously inspired and challenged me to be a better educator. Thank you for your trust and support.
I wanted to message you all directly to inform you of my leaving from CDNIS, although many of you may already know about it as it was announced via the Flash two weeks ago and this was the time I chose to inform the class.

I feel extremely privileged to have been able to be part of and serve the CDNIS community these past two years. To be honest, the plan was to be here a lot longer, but then the PYP Coordinator position at Malvern College Hong Kong opened up and I decided to apply, as it is the leadership and curriculum role I have been grooming myself for many years now. I took my chances not knowing where it would lead. Had I not had the position, I would have been very happy to remain at CDNIS. I am very thankful to Dr. Baird, Dr. Kelly, Mr. McPherson and Ms. Viv Wallace for their support in my application. CDNIS is truly an outstanding school and there is much I am going to miss.
I am feeling both sad and excited at the same time…perhaps what the children are feeling too.
 I do not have a work email address yet but you will be able to find on the school website in a couple of months. In the meantime, here is my personal email address
Have a wonderful summer.
Kindest Regards, Ms. B

PYP Celebration – rundown

Dear Mums & Dads,

We look forward to seeing you all at the event fo the Grade 6 PYP Celebration which will take place in the theatre and lobby of the Leo Lee Arts Centre from 10am-12pm. This special event recognizes and celebrates the journey our Grade 6 students have experienced in the Lower School at CDNIS. Our celebration will be a student-centered event that is age-appropriate and acknowledges completion of the PYP.

Here is the rundown as previously shared with you via email.


A celebration assembly will be held in the LLAC theatre. The assembly will include:

  • The presentation of two prestigious awards: the Alan Dick Spirit Award and the CISPA Pursuit of Learning Award

  • Student speeches

  • Student performances

  • Presentation of certificates

No formal seating arrangements will be made for families. A section of the auditorium will be allocated and we invite you to attend if you are able.


Following this assembly, students, parents and faculty will move to the LLAC lobby for a school-hosted BBQ lunch.


After lunch, students will move to the small gymnasium for a parent-planned event with a variety of fun activities in which to participate. Please note that this event is for students only.

As it is a regular school day, students are expected to be in uniform for this event i.e., short-sleeved white shirts and khaki pants/skirts, black shoes. Students will be able to dress down for the parent-planned party in the small gym. Students will also be provided with T-shirts for them to sign as souvenirs. The school will cover the cost of the event and will not request any additional funds from families.

Should you have any inquiries, please contact Lower School Vice Principal DJ MacPherson.

Gr.6 End of Year MacBook Letter to Parents 2019

Gr.6 End of Year MacBook Letter to Parents 2019

Dear Parents,

Summer is almost here! All students will be bringing their laptops home for the long vacation. If your child is not returning to CDNIS, please make sure that the laptop is brought to OneDoor for re-imaging before Friday, June 14, 2019.  Students are responsible to back up all their personal data to an external device before re-imaging.  Please refer to this letter for some digital procedures for leavers.

Please note that laptops are not to be used on buses and must be inside a laptop sleeve or carry case when being transported.  

Making Your Family’s Essential Agreement

As we have in the classroom, it is important for your family to set up essential agreements and expectations for laptop usage at home (or on holiday). Essential Agreements provide a structure for teaching your child to self-regulate their use of technology. Parents could use this Family Media Agreement and discuss with their child how to develop a balanced schedule at home.

Areas that we recommend be discussed and agreed upon:

  •  (Balance) How much screen time is permitted per day? Time with family and away from computers are more important for getting the most from break time.
  • (Inquiring, Communicating) What can the MacBook be used for? – games, research, communication?
  • (Principled) What guidelines should be agreed to for the appropriate use of the Macbook?
  • (Principled) Where in the home should the Macbook be used?  Where is it safely stored at night? We recommend used in sight of adults, not in bedroom

To help prepare both students and parents for the shared management of the MacBook while it is at home,  please take the time to review the CDNIS Responsible Use Agreement and Digital Life: Useful Digital Citizenship Tools and Resources for Parents.

Parent Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure students are supervised when using the laptops at home. Parents should be aware that CDNIS has a high quality firewall that protects the students from inappropriate content. Your home firewall may not be as strong and therefore searching on the internet may be less secure.

Although the parent administrative account allows parents to install new programs onto the laptop, we are asking that no new programs or applications get installed over the summer. Please contact OneDoor (7fl Digital Service Center) at if you need help to reset the parent account password on the MacBook.


At the beginning of the grade 7 school year, student laptops will go through a re-imaging process to install and update software. In order to encourage independent learning and personal responsibility, students will be granted administrative rights to their MacBooks. The parent administrative account will be removed.


Please note that students must bring a protective case to class to transport their laptops home safely on Friday, June 14, 2019. Lastly, please note that students must bring their MacBook and power charger back to school on the first day after the holiday. As they will no longer store their computers in a classroom laptop cart, students should have a protective case to carry their laptops to classes and home each day.


Best Regards,


The Grade 6 Team


How We Express Ourselves

Dear Mums and Dads,

Take a look at what we have been up to in our last unit of inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme, How We Express Ourselves. We are working towards developing our knowledge and skills in an art form so that we can better express ourselves and engage others.

Tuning into our new unit


Thinking about what we would like to do in this unit.

What might be our learning goals in this unit?

What art forms would we like to explore?

How would we like to learn in this unit?





















Learning about photography with Mr. Larson

Hula dance performance by US teacher, Ms. Sauer

Presentation by Joe Brown, freelance artist and brother of G1 teacher, Mr. Brown

Live sketching …Hold the pose, Alexis!


















New process journals for this unit

Name Art for our cover pages



























Exploring how to draw a mandala










Figurative language puzzle

Looking for figurative language in poetry








































Creating an insightful and meaningful poem using words or phrases from an original prose as well as creating a piece of artwork with meaning around a central theme

PYP Certificate

Dear 6A Parents,
How are you all?
Thank you for visiting the G6 PYP exhibition last week and for your support in the past months. It has been a long process, but the pride and sense of achievement the children are feeling right now is wonderful to witness.
This week, 6A have taken the time to reflect on their performance on the presentation days and analyse the oral and written feedback they received. Please look for a notification message from your child’s blog for their final exhibition reflection.
As exhibition is over and the end of year is approaching quickly, we are moving forward with the preparation for the graduation ceremony and need your help with the G6 Certificates. Could you please double check what name you would like on your child’s PYP certificate? Please fill out the “preferred name” column  by next Tuesday.
Note that once you have chosen the preferred names, no changes will be made.
Enjoy the long weekend.
Warmest Regards, Ms. B

Summer Camp Partnership Program

Dear Parents / Guardians,

CDNIS would like to invite students from Grade 5-10 to apply for a very special opportunity to be a part of a Summer Camp Partnership Program with Pico Kids from Israel.

Pico Kids is an innovative education program, run by Pico Partners, a leading group of Israeli innovators, leaders, investors and educators who are developing the next generation of leaders, by taking on real world problems through hands-on learning. Israel is considered by the World Economic Forum to be the 2nd most innovative start up nation in the world, leading the way for creative innovative entrepreneurship in science, technology and world solutions. In a rare opportunity, CDNIS students will partner with 15 of the top Pico Kids innovators from Jerusalem in a one week intensive STEAM course run by CDNIS  LS Learning Leader for Making & Innovation, Aly Trezise, LS Grade 5 teacher Christine Miller & Leading Lecturer, Meidan Alkobi from Pico Kids International Exchange Program.

Dates: Mon 22nd- Fri 26th July

Where: CDNIS campus plus off campus field trips

Cost: 7,500 HKD

If you would like to be a part of this special opportunity please fill out an online application form by May 24th deadline found on the CDNIS website under the Summer School Program, there are only 15 places available, so be quick!


Dr Helen Kelly & Tim Kaiser

MAP Testing


Gr.6 MAP Tests

  • Tue May 14 P5-6: Gr 6 Math
  • Wed May 15 P6-7: Gr 6 Reading
  • Thu May 16 P5-6: Gr 6 Language

Gr.3-6 Make-up Test dates:

  • Mon May 20 to Fri May 24 (Exact dates and times TBC)
Please let me know if you have any questions about MAP Testing!  Thank you!