Gr.6 End of Year MacBook Letter to Parents 2019

Gr.6 End of Year MacBook Letter to Parents 2019

Dear Parents,

Summer is almost here! All students will be bringing their laptops home for the long vacation. If your child is not returning to CDNIS, please make sure that the laptop is brought to OneDoor for re-imaging before Friday, June 14, 2019.  Students are responsible to back up all their personal data to an external device before re-imaging.  Please refer to this letter for some digital procedures for leavers.

Please note that laptops are not to be used on buses and must be inside a laptop sleeve or carry case when being transported.  

Making Your Family’s Essential Agreement

As we have in the classroom, it is important for your family to set up essential agreements and expectations for laptop usage at home (or on holiday). Essential Agreements provide a structure for teaching your child to self-regulate their use of technology. Parents could use this Family Media Agreement and discuss with their child how to develop a balanced schedule at home.

Areas that we recommend be discussed and agreed upon:

  •  (Balance) How much screen time is permitted per day? Time with family and away from computers are more important for getting the most from break time.
  • (Inquiring, Communicating) What can the MacBook be used for? – games, research, communication?
  • (Principled) What guidelines should be agreed to for the appropriate use of the Macbook?
  • (Principled) Where in the home should the Macbook be used?  Where is it safely stored at night? We recommend used in sight of adults, not in bedroom

To help prepare both students and parents for the shared management of the MacBook while it is at home,  please take the time to review the CDNIS Responsible Use Agreement and Digital Life: Useful Digital Citizenship Tools and Resources for Parents.

Parent Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure students are supervised when using the laptops at home. Parents should be aware that CDNIS has a high quality firewall that protects the students from inappropriate content. Your home firewall may not be as strong and therefore searching on the internet may be less secure.

Although the parent administrative account allows parents to install new programs onto the laptop, we are asking that no new programs or applications get installed over the summer. Please contact OneDoor (7fl Digital Service Center) at if you need help to reset the parent account password on the MacBook.


At the beginning of the grade 7 school year, student laptops will go through a re-imaging process to install and update software. In order to encourage independent learning and personal responsibility, students will be granted administrative rights to their MacBooks. The parent administrative account will be removed.


Please note that students must bring a protective case to class to transport their laptops home safely on Friday, June 14, 2019. Lastly, please note that students must bring their MacBook and power charger back to school on the first day after the holiday. As they will no longer store their computers in a classroom laptop cart, students should have a protective case to carry their laptops to classes and home each day.


Best Regards,


The Grade 6 Team


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