Camp camp camp

It’s nearly time for CAMP!

I know a lot of you will be spending the weekend packing and preparing for camp so here are a few reminders.

  1. Students must be able to carry their own suitcases/bags. It is extremely helpful if they do the packing or are involved in the packing so they know what has been packed.
  2.  No electronics
  3. No food 
  4. label EVERYTHING
  5. Try to avoid things with scent
  6.  Bag/ Ziplock bag with toiletries: we will collect these every night to keep in locked building
  7. Lunchbox to eat from

Students in group A should also remember  that they will be heading straight to the beach for their first activity on Wednesday. This means they need to pack slightly differently for camp.

On Wednesday they Group A only need to wear their swimwear under their clothes to school. This will maximise the amount of time they have in the water.
In their day bag they need to have the following:
–  a towel
–  underwear
– rash guard or wet suit etc.
– sun screen
– mosquito repellent
– wet water shoes
– hat
– a full water bottle
– anything they need on the bus
This group will not have access to their other bag/suitcase until the evening at the campsite.

In case you have mislaid the packing list it can be found here 


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