Dear  5A Parents,


We have a field trip on Wednesday, September 5 to Pok Fu Lam Village. The purpose of this trip is to expose students to circumstances that other people live in. This is a fascinating little enclave of squatter homes and it has a rich culture. It was acknowledged by its inclusion on the 2014 World Monuments Watch by the World Monuments Fund.


Departure: 11:45pm

Return: 1:20pm

Please return your child’s permission slip by Monday 3rd September 2018

Thank you to all of you who volunteered, we now have enough parents helpers.


Mrs Becky Goodwin

Annual MacBook Parent Password Change
On 31 August, the school will push out new parent administrator passwords for student MacBooks in Grades 4, 5 and 6. All students will continue to have standard account access with their own passwords.
If you wish to have administrator access to your child’s MacBook, you can email OneDoor ( with your preferred password. OneDoor will then change the password so that the you can access through an administrator’s account when the MacBook goes home.
Any queries with regards to this should be directed to

Hi, this is this is the 5A blog post I am a student my name is Jaiden. It’s been a fantastic start to the year we have done so many different activities it almost feels like a month passed by already and it’s only been a week!

Our teacher is Ms.Goodwin she is really good at English and she is extremely helpful when you need help in basically anything.

Now for the activities, on the first day, we tried to figure out the locks. At first, we thought it was really hard, so we played a few games trying to master the lock. At the end of the game we almost mastered the lock, but sometimes it did not work now at the end of the week we can open it up with ease.   It’s been an amazing start and we can’t wait to see what’s to come.

Coat of arms :

On Monday we made a coat of arms so we could identify whos locker is who’s  
so all of us took out our art books to think of ideas of what to do
For our coat of arms, we took a long time to think. 
I eventually found a good idea that was a shield containing a sword, 
axe and two lions. After we designed our coat of arms, we also 
needed to put a post-it note saying why we chose 
the colours and objects. (explanation why It's there )

 Daniel Edwards.



Today, 5A learnt about parts of the human brain, learning new facts 
and asking 
interesting questions, their brains has stored lot of new 
They have also made paper brain models to make it easier to 
show where every part 
of the brain is, interesting, isn't it? Jeffrey Wong

This week we have been setting our class norms and expectations.

We thought long and hard about what behaviours stopped us from learning in the past and what action we can take in order for us to have a successful Grade 5.

Here is our Essential Agreements.

Although these may be difficult for us to achieve all the time we will remain positive and continue to grow in order to achieve the best we can.



Hello and welcome to 5A.

I am very excited about meeting and getting to know each of you.

Throughout the year I will be posting highlights and snapshots of some of the learning taking place in 5A.

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