This week we have begun some very exciting language work. We are learning to read as a writer and use our reading skills to help our writing. To get us excited about the book yesterday half of us watched a video of the Northern Lights and had to describe it to our partners without using certain words. Today we started reading the book. We met the protagonist Lyra. She’s a brave, quick-witted young girl with a formidable uncle.

Here are some photos of our dramatisation of a scene in the first chapter


Over the next few weeks we will often have tasks to finish at home and reading to do at home. We can check what needs to be completed on google classroom.

This week in Where We Are In Place And Time we discussed what happened to Germany after WWI. We learnt about how our decisions compared to what actually was decided by the Treat of Versailles, it was decided by that Germany would only have 100,000 soldiers no tanks, military ships or airforce. Germany also owed $600,0000 to the British, French and the USA  a lot of people from Germany blamed their leader for surrendering and that is when Hitler saw an opportunity. So far we are very engrossed in the topic of WWII/ WW2 we find it very exciting and interesting.

By Justine                

Also this week, our class made timelines for specific places in the world during from the end of WW1 to the end of WW2. Max and I made one about Nazi Germany. We had a template timeline and we had to edit it. We started the timeline after World War 1 ended and ended the timeline at the end of World War 2. I found this project interesting because this gave us a chance to research the country we picked. We could write any information we want during 1918-1945. Even the flag is the flag they used back then. We looked at how different events lead to WW2 and that it didn’t just happen with a single event.

By Eton

This week we had a visit from 4A, who came to show us their impressive survival stories. They were fantastic and full of suspense. We then helped edit them using the 6 traits of writing.

This week we’ve been super creative making our accessories for the up coming fashion show. It’s been a lot of hard work prototyping, testing and improving our designs ensuring that we remember both functionality and aesthetics! Our creations are beginning to take shape and we have used lots of cool techniques to make them.

Please keep bringing in the materials and resources you need. We are aiming to finish most of our creations by the end of next week.

HWEO is now in full swing.

We are on stage two and after some excellent skill workshops we have begun to create our designs. We are still editing and adapting as we go. We need to remember to be braver and bolder with our designs. I am sure that over the next two weeks our creativity and confidence will grow and we will create some fantastic show stoppers!

The excitement in grade 5 as we’ve begun to create is electrifying.

Before you consider going out and purchasing your materials, have a think and see if there is an alternative that can be reused or recycled. Be inspired by the key points of ‘fast fashion’ in the netflix documentary, True Cost. Our upcycling designer, Kevin Cheung, is tackling the problem of excess plastic by upcycling. What can you do for your design product?


If you must go out and buy materials, Sham Sui Po is a good place to start. Check out this blog for ideas on where you can go.


A few reminders for the week

Things to finish

  • Rotation booklet (Monday)
  • Unicorn Plan (Monday)
  • Home learning (Friday)
  • Reflections or translations booklet (Wednesday)
  • Red sections on the HWEO and Journal handed in (Monday)
  • Guided Reading/book club finished (Monday)

Have a great weekend!


What a week back we’ve had! Our new unit is in full swing beginning with a guest speaker Kevin Cheung, who is an upcycling designer from here in Hong Kong.

We then ended the week with Ms T introducing the final element of our unit at our project launch. A fashion show, which we are very excited about and can’t wait to get designing and creating items for it.

Although this unit is exciting there’s so much to keep up to date with. I have created a HWEO checklist on google classroom to help the students keep up to date with what needs to be done.

This weekend the students need to keep adding to their individual moodboards so that we can look at them on Wednesday morning. They need to consider their own aesthetic and should include the following things:

Things that intrigue you

  • Colours
  • Patterns
  • Shapes
  • Words
  • Symbols
  • Photos