Grade 5 Virtual School

Below are your learning engagements for one lesson of Performing Arts this week. We’ll continue posting material on this page with the most recent material on top. Please remember that if you have any questions it is best to contact us via email and not via the See Saw app. If you post your work on your See Saw please make sure that you label it “Performing Arts” so we can keep track of it! – Ms. Benusa and Ms. Butler

Update February 28

Ms. Benusa and Ms. Butler are moving our G5 PA tasks into your Google Slide show. Check us out there!

Week 1 & 2 – Feb 4-7 & Feb 10-14 – Optional PA Tasks

Opener/CloserStart to learn the opener and closer to PYPx

  • Opener – Aint My Fault
    • The opening of the performance needs to be dramatic and really set the tone for our PYPx. How can we use this song to achieve that? Think about what we can do with drama and dance?
  •   Closer – You Will Be Found
    • Everyone will sing parts of this song, especially at the end, start to learn the melody, lyrics and maybe even memorize a bit!
    • Play piano? Can you figure out how to play this?
      • Unison singing – alone and with others
      • Using instruments as a tool in an ensemble

If you took time this week or last week to learn one of the songs on an instrument, email your PA teacher to let us know!